05 March 2012


Gentle reader,

Love to all who saw The Molten Mirrors play at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 21st February, it felt good being on a stage, real good. It's like some kind of fierce drug seriously. You'll find me next time descending from the stage like a owl in the daylight, powdering and snorting an audience member or two (for energy).
With that firmly in mind, there'll be plenty of opportunities to see us in the next few months starting with the Macbeth on the 25th March. I'm expecting Mike Mike to be fully back instead of manfully shaking a tambourine thru a heavy dose of what I can only imagine was a new form of mystery animal influenza.
It's also the first time out since my cryptic list of band-improvement suggestions were proclaimed, so we'll see how that pans out. Probably excellently.

So but anyway, everyone's time is short: AN ANNOUNCEMENT!! - "Golden Wrapper Tale" b/w "Parade Grounds" will be released as a single within the next couple of weeks or so on Monday 26th March 2012.
It's the first thing finished from the long-fermenting Forts EP which will hopefully (let's join minds in prayer) follow in the spring.
It may even get beaten to the punch by the Field-Work Assignments EP which is all low-key acoustic jams, cos they're much easier to record/mix/etc. For some reason it's proving impossible to concentrate on one thing at a time, but maybe that's the best way to do this shit.
We'll also be giving away a few copies of a mystery EP of oddities to anyone who really wants it, but it will be a semi-secret so you'll just have to figure out how to get it yourself.
And with that I'm gone.

Your pal,