06 March 2013


Shatter by Matthew Divito. XXXXX. See more HERE.

16 September 2012

MM at Power Lunches 5th September '12

Photographs © Mike Massaro http://mikemike.co.uk/

07 September 2012

5th September


1.   Imploded Introduction
2.   Exploded Wood
3.   Rattling Hollows
4.   The Dust Reclaims Its Own
5.   Evacuation of the City
6.   Lullabye for Losers
7.   Golden Wrapper Tale
8.   We Might Have to Medicate You
9.   I Swear I See
10.  I Read the Street Name
11.  It's After the End of the World
12.  Ink on the Page

Thanks to everyone who came along! Fingers crossed we have photos to follow...

30 August 2012

FORTS redux

Follow the link HERE to download the new improved mix of the Forts material, which also includes the previously unreleased title-track sound collage. The cover art / design is by Lydia Whitmore and R-E. Tracklisting is below:

The Molten Mirrors - Forts
1. Golden Wrapper Tale (3:00)
2. Forts (0:56)
3. Parade Grounds (2:53)
4. First Third (1:53)
5. Ink on the Page (5:56)


25 August 2012

15 July 2012

CATGUT presents The Molten Mirrors 5th Sept

poster by R-E XXX

05 July 2012

29 June 2012


Powerful positive energy is something we all need, so when I saw links to Maya Wild's work (via David David) it made my mind's whammy bar frazz out in a rare power chord moment of hazy radical pencil static and snazzy guitar string vibration lines. And my obsession with peace symbols was fulfilled. JUST SAY YES XXX

15 June 2012

First Third

Here is R-E's solo demo version of the B-side from Forts (Vol 2)

First Third (demo) by The Molten Mirrors

11 June 2012

The Molten Mirrors live 25th June 2012

collage by Lydia Whitmore / design by R-E

16 May 2012

The Molten Mirrors - Forts (Volume 2)

More details to follow...

12 May 2012