17 August 2010

R-E plays IIIrd I

photographs by Super Sinister

I played the inaugural Third Eye Club last Friday, the 13th, definitely an auspicious number. Many thanks to the organisers Self-Existing Eagle and Shanaz Mon Zaki for asking us to play, Luciano Foglia who did the lighting, Elian Gray for coaching duties and Super Sinister for the photographs.
Hopefully it will be the first of many of these.
Bears was exploring the desert and Mike Mike was exploring the valleys, so the set ended up as a lone wander thru the Happy Home...
Also there was a little preview of "High Roots" from the Legendary Weapons of China LP...
I heard a rumour that the set was filmed, you'll be the first to know if it was.

02 August 2010


The first Legendary Weapons of China LP is going to be available in the next month or two, assuming we put it out ourselves. It is called Molten Mirrors.

side 1
1. Royal Herbs
2. Dumb Dust
3. Rise Home, Rise Home
4. High Roots
side 2
5. Molten Mirrors

The cover is by Super Sinister. I'll post it when finished, in the meantime here's some other awesome thing by her...