06 December 2011


Mother told me; "You will never know
any farther than the stone is thrown"
and as far as I can tell I won't.

28 November 2011

/\ ( () U S T | ( _ |\/| | R R () R Z

R-E solo acoustic,
2nd December 2011,

Supporting Bad Idea.

12 October 2011

19th October

I'm playing some new material from "The Exploded Woods" at Servant Jazz Quarters on Wednesday 19th October as part of Folk Modern 7. Free entry, solo acoustic. I'll probably play an old song too, why not. Rad.
Facebook event here

09 October 2011

29 June 2011

Lydia Donut


Lydia's artwork was the standout contribution to It's After the End of the World, here is a link to her tumblr. Epic monochrome psychedelia.


23 June 2011

HH 2 23/06 @ SJ 1/4s

Happy Home duo (Bears & R-E) are performing at Servant Jazz Quarters at around 9ish Thursday 23rd.

19 June 2011

It's After the End of the World - NEW DATE

Hi all,
We've added Tuesday 21st June to the dates.
R-E will also play a short solo set of guitar tunes written for the exhibition but that we didn't have time to rehearse properly. The set will begin at about 6:45 cos we've got to be out of the gallery by 8:00.
Come along,

07 June 2011

16 May 2011

Live, Not Live at Fort Normal

Hi all, some of you caught our recent Happy Home sets playing as a duo, some of you didn't. But whatever, I recorded all the practices and the last one was pretty close to how we intended it all to come out, so you can all hear roughly how it sounded here on our Bandcamp page.
I hope you enjoy it,
Peace - RX

07 April 2011

fortREss + maMMoth = happy home

3rd april... an alternative hh gig at hoxton bar + grill sadly missing bearzzz...

photos by super sinister

28 March 2011

Happy Home Live

April 3rd @ Hoxton Bar + Kitchen.....

17 January 2011


welcome to 2011. heres a nuke

07 January 2011