09 December 2009

03 December 2009

12 November 2009

15 October 2009

14 October 2009

03 October 2009

Traveller Blues

Jan Peknik - "I Cut My Finger on a Mirror-Ball (The King is Dead)" L-P
This deserves to be heard a lot more, so here it is.
Beats / Words by Jan Peknik
Production / Sound-effects / Montage by R-E

chilli pepper vs teddy bear

02 October 2009

01 October 2009

30 September 2009

Marshland Mazings E-P

an E-P of little soundscapes made with my Wonderland comrade... R-E and Alice Old - Marshland Mazings E-P

27 September 2009

24 September 2009




one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen. also pretty ugly. the military connotations have been dropped so heres some of the military's finest

illuminated milk #8 (irradiated murk)

cymbal fuzz echo

23 September 2009

Rose-Vapour Lion

<<<>>><<<>>>for C-H<<<>>><<<>>>

shiny self-love

R-E - Baby Bearzz cyber 7"

Baby Bearzz
guitars, fuzz-bass, glockenspiels, percussion, echo. fake spector shit.

Jan Peknik & R-E - Summer Studies E-P

This is an E-P Jan + me recorded as light relief from the (permanently unfinished) "Field-Work" project... A collection of pretty hazy instrumental psyche-hop jamzz, studies for later work, bits and pieces from "Ships Going Down", me blasting out on a shenai. Most of Jan's bits were recorded in his Czech treehouse, summer 2007.
Jan - Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Accordian, Metal Rings
R-E - Guitars, Bass, Harps, Percussion, Double Bass, Woodwinds, Harmonica

22 September 2009

illuminated milk #1 (mice 9)

illuminated milk #137a

drawingzz at cargo

the beginning of what I know will be a lifelong love for wood panelling + UV masking tape. love + thanxx to emmet + noemie.

<<<>>> <<<>>> <<<>>> <<<>>>

fields of nothing but black glass
and all I have in my head is white smoke from burnt plastic
and the little grey flowers are mushrooms if you look closely
but it'zz cool because maybe I'll rename myself