28 October 2010

Legendary Weapons of China - "Molten Mirrors" LP

Molten Mirrors will be available from Monday 1st November on the Legendary Weapons of China Bandcamp page HERE.
A few physical copies (CD only) will be made available either thru the bandcamp page or by contacting us via legendaryweaponsofchina(at)gmail.com...

The tracklist is:
1. "Royal Herbs"  (2:57)
2. "Dumb Dust"  (5:20)
3. "Rise Home, Rise Home"  (6:35)
4. "High Roots"  (7:15)
5. "Molten Mirrors" (14:10)

All songs written/arranged by Shanaz Mon Zaki and R-E
The album was recorded by R-E, throughout the summer of 2010.
The cover art is by Super Sinister.

23 October 2010

16 October 2010

Shanaz Mon Zaki

Check him out HERE

Shanaz Mon Zaki writes incredibly beautiful vapourous spirituals, like a kind of nourished haunted reverb. He's also half of Legendary Weapons of China.
I hope to record him sometime soon.

09 October 2010

Autumn Rays

dedicated to Joan