28 October 2010

Legendary Weapons of China - "Molten Mirrors" LP

Molten Mirrors will be available from Monday 1st November on the Legendary Weapons of China Bandcamp page HERE.
A few physical copies (CD only) will be made available either thru the bandcamp page or by contacting us via legendaryweaponsofchina(at)gmail.com...

The tracklist is:
1. "Royal Herbs"  (2:57)
2. "Dumb Dust"  (5:20)
3. "Rise Home, Rise Home"  (6:35)
4. "High Roots"  (7:15)
5. "Molten Mirrors" (14:10)

All songs written/arranged by Shanaz Mon Zaki and R-E
The album was recorded by R-E, throughout the summer of 2010.
The cover art is by Super Sinister.