27 November 2010

T |-| E |\| E \/\/ D /\ R |< /\ G E [2]

Quoted from BJ & da Dogs (c) Ben Jones

This is a story about the future, and also, about 3 dudes... (...) ...but forget about them for the moment. So...
It's the future now. Mistakes have been made, the earth's humans have scattered to be alone and brainstorm ideas... in space.
Inside spaceships they ponder what went wrong, some trace it back to the shortening of time between Holiday marketing, some to "The Incident" others to global poverty.
It's hard to ignore some facts though, men have ushered in a time of dark shitty chaos.
Of grabbing their genitals, acting like assholes and ushering in shitty brown darkness.
The New Dark Age.
One of fear, and punching darkness.
Smearing shit to draw their horrible self-portraits.
It's partly a reduction of male sexuality.
But it's mostly the American future that's shocking you.